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This course is dedicated in honor of our loving sister and aunt, Mrs. Bernice Trogan OBM

By Joel & Barbara Leib and Danny & Lisa Klein


Signs, spirits and superstition in Jewish belief

Get ready to delve deep into the mystical and mysterious world of dreams, angels, demons, and extraterrestrials! As humanity's understanding of the natural world grows, so does our fascination with these intriguing topics.

With unprecedented interest piquing curiosity, fear, and humor alike, our course takes a penetrating look into the Talmud, Jewish philosophy, and kabbalah to offer valuable and authentic Jewish perspectives and guidance for these age-old questions and to uncover the hidden truths and power of the unknown.

Jewpernatural | Course Trailer

Jewpernatural | Course Trailer

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Dreams & Direction

When should we follow our dreams, and when do we say it’s “just a dream”? Let’s explore where inspiration from a lifelike dream can take us. Plus: a time-honored Jewish routine for keeping nightmares at bay.