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How do we navigate our inner complexity and chart a clear path for ourselves?

Dear Friend,


I'm so glad that you're interested in joining (or trying out!) our second annual monthly women’s Lunch-and-Learn series. It is my honor to welcome you!


These classes are created and taught by women for women and I’m excited to have you join the circle. Each month we get together (over good food, of course!) to learn and gain from all that Judaism has to offer to our lives. 

This new series, TO BElieve OR NOT TO BElieve In YOURSELF, will introduce you to Tanya, a 225-year-old text whose portrayal of human psychology in general, and of our inner spiritual composition in particular, remains as revolutionary—and as refreshing—as ever.


The kabbalah-based tools it presents help us understand ourselves, in order to better regulate how we think and feel, and ultimately emerge victorious from life’s inner struggles.

I look forward to having you join us,



To Believe or Not to Believe in Yourself | Promo

To Believe or Not to Believe in Yourself | Promo

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Session 1

Know Thyself. Know Thyself.

Double Identity: The Beauty and the Beast within Us

Tuesday, Dec. 6 | 12:30 PM

So you think you are perfect just the way you are. . . . Or you think perfection is a myth. You think humans are inherently selfish and prone to sin. . . . Or you think we are all pure until the world gets its hands on us. The truth is always more nuanced. Our journey toward self-refinement begins with self-knowledge and self-awareness. So this first lesson commences with a revolutionary new perspective on ourselves, our spiritual psyche, and our innate moral divide. We will discover that we have not one soul, but two, and each soul has a sophisticated spiritual anatomy all its own.

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Session 2

Living on the Ledge of the In-Between

It’s Not the Good. It’s Not the Bad.
It’s the Battle for Living as an “In-Betweener”

Tuesday, Jan. 10 | 12:30 PM

Inside of us, two identities are battling for supremacy. Each wishes to control our perceptions, feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds. Our struggles vary, as does our rate of success. How much can we reasonably expect of ourselves? Tanya, “the Book of the Beinoni,” tells us that we need to aspire to be a beinoni, an “in-betweener.” This lesson will explain what that entails.

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Session 3

The Long and Short of It. The Short and Long of It.

But Always the Road Correctly Traveled

Tuesday, Feb. 14 | 12:30 PM

Would you like to achieve perfection in just thirty days? Are you looking for a pill to solve your problems? Or have you made peace with the patience, hard work, and dedication that meaningful change requires? Whatever you prefer, this lesson is for you. Tanya presents two models—the “quick fix” for instant inspiration, and the long-term solution for radical, fundamental change. Both are important. We’ll discover when to employ each method, and we’ll learn their relative advantages and disadvantages.

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